Torit state hospital faces shortage of nurses, lab. Technicians

By William Madouk Garang

The Medical Director of Torit State Hospital, Dr. John Isaacsaid that Torit State Hospital was facing shortage of nurses and laboratory technicians which resulted in long hours for waiting that affected work efficiency.

Dr. John Isaac said this after the donor partner that was providing incentives to health workers indicated interest to only support 88 staff out of the previous total of 320 government employees at the hospital.

“The main challenge facing the Torit hospital is the shortage of human resources that you see total number of 320 staff is not actually the number that used to be active at work here,” Isaac told journalists in an inclusive interview on Wednesday.

He added that those staff who were not active on incentive list don’t report to work which had mounted the work to only 88 active staff.

He also lamented that laboratory department and nurses were the most affected.

“To be very specific the areas we are facing acute shortage in are like lab.Technicians; we have only 5 laboratory technicians for the work, need to be divided into three shifts,” he stated.

“If you need to divide them per shifts,you will end up with one per shift and the work will be too much. So this is one of the area we are facing problem.This is reflected in waiting time and sometime results will be inaccurate because it is one person doing the work, and quality of work is likely to be affected,” he added.

Dr. Isaac cited that they also have a number of 32 nurses and about 5 major wards which mean 6 nurses were deployed per a ward and again divide them per three alterations which was not enough for work to be carried on.

The Torit State hospital is government hospital established in 1948 as a Primary Health Care (PHC) by then. It underwent multiple upgrading and in 2005 following Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), it was upgraded to Torit State Hospital and it has about 17 departments and units.

The hospital receives and treats a number approximately 300-400 patients per a day.

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