Torit records two Coronavirus deaths

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

Authority in Eastern Equatoria State has confirmed two people have died of coronavirus in Torit before receiving their results from Juba.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Dr. Elijo Omoro Tahir, Director General in the State Ministry of Health described the situation in Torit as horrible.

He said last week alone they had sent to Juba 70 suspected samples for coronavirus testing.

“Out of the 70 samples we have received 45 results and 8 were confirmed positive. Among the eight confirmed cases two victims have died. This is the situation we are in,” stressed Dr. Elijo.

Dr. Elijo said the two patients died before they receiving their results, adding they are waiting 25 more results which are yet to be released from Juba.

He urged the entire population to follow the preventive measures through washing of hands and observing social distance frequently as instructed by the national Ministry of health and World Health Organization.

“The Covid-19 is real and as you have seen in the beginning, we didn’t have any cases, but now we already have dead cases. So it is quite serious problem with us and please follow the information being shared with you over the local radios,” said Dr. Elijo.

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