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Torit mayor survives death on Christmas festival

Torit municipal council mayor Eddy William Ponsiano


By Thomas Lodovico Oryem


TORIT – Torit municipal council mayor Eddy William Ponsianosurvived death by unknown gunmen who attacked him at HaiNivisha in Torit on Christmas festival.


Mayor Eddy told the press that his home at Nivisha was attacked at mid night on Wednesday 21st December 2016 when he was at night patrol to encourage and monitor the organized forces.He said he was not called due to inaccessibility of all the mobile telecommunication networks in Torit. Whenhe came he found,his house’s light was off and when he asked what happened, he was told that some gunmen came and attacked them by firing bullets randomly.But his bodyguard clashed with them and managed to repulse them.


“Normally I used to go for a night patrol to see our forces who are in control of the town. At around 12:00 am, there was a shooting in my home.Unfortunately, there was no network in Torit. These days Vivacell and MTN are all off, so I didn’t receive any call from my family about the attack at home, but when they came, they exchanged fire with my body guard and they were chased after they attacked the home.When I was going towards my home, I saw all the lights were off then I asked myself, what was wrong because normally we don’t put light off.My body guards said they exchanged fire saying he even don’t know whether that person is wounded or not,” Eddy narrated.


Eddy said in the following morning they followed the footsteps of the attackers and managed to capture two from armed gangsters and they are now under investigations at Torit municipal council police central division.

“When I woke up, we went and showed the place where they were shooting from and we found the bullets there, they used about 19 grams, so we collected them then we followed the footsteps, we found three footsteps one with bare foot marks, one with civilian shoes and the other with boots,” mayor Eddy explained.

Major Jeremiah Fadari,Torit municipal council central division inspector confirmed that two suspected gunmen were arrested in connection to the attempted killing of Torit mayor. They are currently undergoing investigation.

Mayor urged Torit citizens to remain calm as the government is undergoing investigation and assured the public on government readiness to protect them from any threat.


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