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Torit Mayor arrest meat sellers for increasing price

By Thomas Lodovico Oryem



Torit municipal council on Monday arrested meat sellers in Torit old market for increasing meat prices.

In his morning inspection visit on Monday to Torit old market, the mayor of Torit municipal council,eddy William ponsiano ordered the arrest of all the meat sellers in Torit old market for increasing meat prices from 200 SSP to 350 SSP.

According to the public notice received by Juba monitor, for fixing meat price issued on Monday 2nd of January by Mayor Eddy William ponsiano, the current prices of one kilogram of cow meat is to be 240 SSP, one Kilogram of goat’s and sheep’s meat is to be 280 SSP.

The meat sellers are in Torit municipal council police custody for more investigation on the matter.

On separate news, Mayor Eddy also issued a public notice fixing the prices of water in Torit municipal council.

According to the copy seen by Juba monitor on Friday, one drum of water from water tankers is to be sold at 25SSP, one drum of water by Donkey is 20 SSP and one Jerican of water by bicycle is 3 SSP.

According to the notice the prices of meat and water are fixed from the effectof 2nd January 2017.

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