Torit County plans to recruit forest guards

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

Torit county authorities in Eastern Equatoria state are set to recruit about 10 forest guards in each payam aimed at eliminating cases of illegal logging in the county.

Speaking to the press on Friday, the executive director of Torit county Mr. Ohson  Ocuho said the forest guards would ensure that no trees were cut illegally.

“As soon as the government is formed, the budget will be unleashed for recruitment. They will be recruited in each payam 10, and they will work in the office of executive officers and the chiefs to guide people on how to cut trees,” Ocuho said.

According to the executive director, currently civil servants have stayed for 6 months without salaries which he says affects recruitment processes at all levels of the government.

Early this month, Eastern Equatoria Governor Louis Lobong Lojore banned what he described as rampant logging in the state directing all the executive directors to implement the order.  

Director Ocuho said that the forest guards, due to be recruited will safeguard the forest from those who carryout illegal logging in the county at all times.

“In forestry department, we have a commissioner for forestry but we lack man power, the forest guards will ensure they manage and safeguard the cutting of trees. They need to be recruited to protect our forest, in the past they are supposed to be trained and given uniforms, they guard forest planted by government including natural forest”, he said.

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