Topical Commentary With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

My inner mind and thinking have always directed me to remain who I am. An Africa male who was born, brought up and getting aged in this beautiful continent. Although I have been privileged to travel far and above, there has never been any place sweet like home. This is me that I would not want or allow anyone to change and make me feel like there is heaven outside there which in most cases end up in betrayal of one’s birth right. There are goodies and all kind of promises dangled like carrots for easy minds and those who could be trapped into the unknown to talk ill or betray their own motherland. It was common and happened before and still continues to happen. It the African culture, a man who runs away from problems in his back-yard is a coward who cannot be trusted with responsibilities.  I would wish to eke my living in this continent with peace and love for one another. What is not right is to heap lies to get external favour. Some people have been lured into selling their own motherland by creating unfounded information that was only meant to enrich their pockets and which are not anywhere near the truth of the happenings. Those foreign researchers are spoon-fed with information from their well coined questions that are only meant to give answers that they want to hear. It is pointless to run away and start fighting the unknown enemies from safe haven away from the vicinity of your own back yard where that problem may have happened. I am sending an SOS out there that sweet wins only comes within the vicinity not outside the problem. In most cases our sixth senses if not the seventh, should be able to guide us to just do the right thing. One can only know and come to understand the real problem when he tackled it head on. There are vultures somewhere out there who will stop at nothing and will create unbearable situations even to an extent of diving a loving families. When one is trying or doing well, these people have their own agenda to ensure that was a serious division in the once peaceful and loving family. It is only you and yourself who must stand guard against these characters and stop them from dividing and disorganizing your well built up family. Our society must be careful and watchful against such people who come to you wearing sheep-skin but in real they are wolf. They have destroyed many families not because at the end they want you to gain anything but just to cause disorder in our society. Time to stand up and take precaution is now. We should not let them catch us when we are napping. We must stay alert and call them by their true being “wolf in sheep skin”

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