Tool and fool almost have the same meaning

By Malek Arol Dhieu

Tool and fool are two different words that almost have the same sound and spelling but differentiated by their first letters. The encyclopedia defines tool as a mechanical device intended to make a task easier, but the definition that suits this article is that a tool is a person or group which is used or controlled unwittingly by another person or group or is to put down another person in a subtle way and in that way, use him or her to meet a goal meanwhile a fool is a person with poor judgment or little intelligence. When you are used as a tool, you are a fool and when you are a fool, you can simply be used as a tool. Whoever or whatever instinct that tooled or fooled that perpetrator to murder the three innocent children in cold blood in Rock City has done more than a crime both in the face of the government and God, and that, he/she must face justice. Crimes are committed but this particular crime has overridden the other crimes in terms of its rarity and weight as the deceased are so innocent that they won’t even still explain it clearly to God what led to their demise. The perpetrator must be a person who knows the family and the daily schedules of the deceased’s parents as he/she arranged to sneak in to the house at the time when the parents were still away. A lot of misleading stories are circulating on social media about the murder but I don’t perceive them correct until an accurate information is finally gotten from the police in charge of the case. If I am not mistaken, this is the first time such a rare murder happened in South Sudan. A murder of the same nature happened in South Africa in 1978, when a giant and muscular gentleman fell in love with killing women. He had been killing women yearly after riding them until he was caught murdering the 11th woman in a room. When investigated, he talked as if playing that I like clutches and utterances of a dying woman and because of that, I assassinate them because it gives me joy and pleasure, but the police didn’t take his statement serious, instead he was tortured further so as to tell the exact cause or whoever sent him do such barbarism, but he kept to his words. Months passed by, but he still kept to his statement, as a result he was taken to court for judgment in which he was sentenced to death by hanging. Where on earth can vulnerable people be murdered when they are already suffering from vulnerability? Where on earth can a person who doesn’t resist you be killed? The innocent souls of these three kids will keep haunting the culprit until he or she surrenders him/herself to the police soon as this is the only remedy to the parents of the deceased. The sooner the perpetrator is caught or surrenders, the quicker the parents recover as they’ll develop anger with the culprit, and as the anger develops, it eliminates the weakness and raises souls of the parents to remain strong and healthy to leave the case at the hands of police. I know it is not easy for a father and mother to lose 3 children whom they have set their future on in just a day and whom they have been raising in a country of scarcity like South Sudan but remember that what is done can never be undone. Let us set our eyes on the government that has promised to apprehend the perpetrator in the shortest time, but I can see this case as everybody’s responsibility to spot the culprit wherever he/she lives in. it is a murder that has again awoken the international communities to talk bad about South Sudan after a long holiday given to South Sudan to maintain the signed peace, and indeed they are right as such an inhuman act can never be likened by a living person. The police in search for the perpetrator must get prepared as he/she must have already prepared for the worst and on top, the police must be well trained police to handle the case professionally without an incorporation of our cultures of bribery and favoritism. As the article concludes, I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family to get strong and be itself. Culturally, the family of the deceased mourns less when the deceased is being mourned by all people, take it from me that you’re not alone, the whole nation is mourning. Take this grief-lessening verse that God gives and God takes, may their innocent souls rest in eternal peace, Amen.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba. He can be reached at ourbankiscow@yahoo.com or +211922332811.    

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