Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Public servants are appointed or given key responsibilities to help move the country forward in service delivery which included development activities. The appointing authority or authorities knows better the choice of the candidates given these responsibilities. First come with trust and commitments and second integrity and ability to deliver. I am saying these words because people must start thinking positively and support those given a chance to help the government and the country move forward. There is a culture which is creeping on right now with some people and communities who are out to tarnish others without having basic proof or authenticated back-ups to prove their claims. Corruption in all its form must be condemned but people should not be falsely accused just because one’s preferred person or candidate did not win the favour of the appointing authority. Somewhere in some media outlets, a number of provocative and damaging information are being peddled without checking their backgrounds. Such information is mostly targeting some prominent people in the society who have been entrusted with different dockets to help in articulating the country’s needs. It is all true that a spade is not a big spoon and where there is corruption, the main stream media houses should be the first to come out with the exposures.  My point is that anyone against another one can easily coin or come up with damaging allegations and without checking the background for truth some media outlets will release the same for public consumption. The Media Authority should crack the whip on the outlets which are known to be giving out unconfirmed, damaging and alarming information whose backgrounds are not possibly authenticated. The media industry seems to become the target of being used by these elements who are out to square scores with their imagined enemies. It is my take that the full laws in the Media Authority acts should be applied in taming some of these wild claims and allegations whose purpose are to tarnish the image of the country and the appointing authority. A mature way of approaching issues of national concern should not be individualized and where a case of malpractice and mismanagement which forms the basis of corruption, those involved should be investigated by the authorized arm of the government and if found suspect be arraigned in court of laws. The country can move towards sustainability with the resources it has if collectively people work together for the good of all without thinking of this or that community and where each and everyone has a role without discrimination on tribal basis. Can this time come? Can this time be now? Can we stop spreading gospel of division? Can we be true watchdogs of this country without malice. Can we be able to point out the real wrong instead of creating one? Can we move forward and respect those appointed in position to move the country forward until your or my time for the same come. Let us all give a breathing space at this time when taking the new dawn to the next level. Yes this is possible if we stand firm for and with one another without witch-hunting.

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