Too many parties in the country

By Akol Arop Akol

Leaders think forming many parties is the alternative to achieve their visions or the anguish populace. My article is not political but slightly critical based on the facts that South Sudan crisis has made people think that their personal struggle can lead to success.

Being at internal wars and the defeat of currency values by the foreign Dollar, the economy has worsen and people criticized the system of the Government for not making transformation to reduce the suffering of South Sudanese.

We have forgotten to talk about refugees and the internally displaced persons. We don’t know where they eat, drink or sleep. They are jobless and their children whom they hope to lift them out of pain are not studying.

A big percentage of people in this country is been affected physically, economically and socially.

Their suffering is a challenge to their leaders who are acting as representatives in distinguish positions to talk on their behalf and bring lasting solutions which will improve the economy where at least one could afford a daily bread.

A few leaders who rebelled against the ruling government in the name of changing the lives of the suffering population don’t tell the public their manifestations and clear Visions to know whether they are really standing with the citizens or after self-gratifications.

At a political view, our leaders are fighting one another and we the citizens don’t know who is who, either supporting our rights or fighting for their own beliefs and benefits.

Now the issue I need to express goes to our leaders within and out the country who have disagreed with one another and decided to form the various parties and movements.

Today is X party and tomorrow is Y movement.  People are confused by many parties that have not changed anything in the country. One thing they should put in mind is that every leader either a loyal or rebel should not kill civilians innocently. They are the people to be led and served but if raped, robbed and killed where is the vision and respect for humanity?

When we were fighting the Khartoum regime, we had one rebellion, the SPLM and its military wing the SPLA.  And through the unity of liberators, they together fought and won the greatest victory in the world’s history.

This example of the SPLM/A is a challenge for those who are defecting and forming too many parties yet they are not committed to peace and harmony in order for national election to be held for the civilians to vote the leader they need from any political  party during.

The issue of the parties has become of strange thoughts because the intentions are not known. I don’t know why our leaders are busy creating movements, instead of sitting as one opposition and dialogue with the government to demand for their rights.

The situation does need more parties but only leaders that can play selfless role as citizens to bring a change. Creating parties is not the solution. Leaders with common vision have to share their ideas and work today together for the sake of the people of South Sudan.

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