Tonj State speaker sacked

By Elia Joseph Loful

Veronica Umjima Philip, Tonj State speaker has been sacked following the siting of the Members of Parliament two weeks ago.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in a phone interview on Friday last week, Veronica Umjima said she was removed while on an official visit to Juba saying the parliament was on three months’ recess.

“I was removed while away on an official visit to Juba and at a time when the parliament was on recess,” Umjima said.

According to Umjima, her removal was illegal and unconstitutional citing that there was no official document presented to her that shows her removal.

She said she only got verbal communication from the deputy speaker.

The outgoing speaker said the procedures taken by the state governor to relieve her from duty were illegal.

“The procedures taken by the governor are illegal. I did not receive any document that shows my release as speaker of the state. I only got verbal communication from the deputy speaker telling me that I was removed,” Umjima said.

She told Juba Monitor that she had requested the governor to present her the legal document for her removal; however none was given so far.

“I told them to give me the document but no one gave me and they said it was announced over a local radio station in the state,” Umjima added.

She commented her work saying she delivered outstanding services to her community since she was elected in 2015.

“I was elected in 2015 and I am proud that I have delivered services to my community. But I wanted to advice the governor not to allow unnecessary procedures to be practiced in the state,” she stresses.

The latter revealed that the State government works against the law which she attributed the process to state failure in implementing several laws that were passed earlier.

“The laws are there but there is no proper implementation. The law does not even allow government official to be relieved during public holidays,” Umjima expressed.

She said she welcomed the move for her removal stating that she cannot fight against the state because of position.

“South Sudan is our country and you cannot fight a person just because of position,” she stated.

Veronica appealed to fellow male counterparts to give good representation to women in the state adding that women are capable of doing the same work done by men.

“Really advise my brothers to respect the rights of the women. You should give more representation to women in the states, like in my state there is only one female minister,” she appealed.

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