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By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Tonj State Government has launched an airfield to help airplane users in the state.

Before the launch, those who wanted to travel to Juba from Tonj used to move to Wau in order to aces airplanes.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone yesterday from Tonj, information minister William Wol Mayom said the new airfield will facilitate fast movement of people and goods to and from the state.

He said the airfield will also foster trade and commerce, and will contribute to employment of young people.

“Airport plays an important role in our societies and economic development of the state as well as the whole nation,” Wol said. “Airport supports generation through employment and direct opportunities including workers from construction sector when the airport is being built,” he added.

Wol revealed that the state government was working hard to improve accessibility in order to increase the number of visitors, saying “more money will flow into local economy when airport is working.”

He also revealed that tourism and trade can be developed when there is a means of accessing the place by air.

Magang Malok Majur, a business man in Tonj said travelling from Tonj to Juba was very difficult for them before the airfield was constructed, saying “if I want to go to Juba now, I will reach soon.”

“We citizens we are very tired of travelling from Tonj to Wau when you want to go to Juba but now we are happy to our governor for opening the new airfield for us and everyone who is willing to travel,” Malok added.

Tonj youths representative, Bol Gur Mayen told Juba Monitor that, “we are proud to our governor for the good work that he did to his citizens and we want him to continue working for peace in our country.”

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