Tonj, Southern Liech peace conference called off

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The much publicised Inter-State Peace Conference between Tonj State and Southern Liech has been adjourned to next week.

The conference had been rescheduled from 25th July to 01st August, 2019.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Tonj State Information Minister William Wol Mayom said conference was adjourned due to logistical problems.

“The two governors will meet in Tonj State for the Wunlit conference. The conference is meant to address the issues of cattle rustling and revenge killings among the communities,” he said.

He said the 1999 Wunlit Conference played a great role in reconciling the Dinka and Nuer communities.

The conference brought immediate cessation of hostilities between Dinka and Nuer communities of the West Bank.

Mayom reiterated that in September 1999 about 148 abducted children and 141 cattle were reunited with their relatives and since then there has been no single attack between the two communities.

“In the context of Wunlit’s Conference all sorts of past offenses were immediately and unconditionally pardoned by both sides. Dinka and Nuer started to move freely across each other’s territory with their animals to share grazing land, water, fishing ground and other natural resources,” he said.

The minister said the local cross-border agreement of Wunlit has not been violated both sides since 1999. He said the two governors decided to arrange another Wunlit conference to strengthen the 19999 agreement.

Southern Liech State Information Minister Nyuon Joseph said they expected Governor  Stephen Thiey Yar and his Tonj counterpart Mathew Mathiang Magordit to meet tomorrow.

He said the conference is aimed at enhancing relations among communities.

“In fact for us who are in the government don’t have problem it is the cattle keepers who often create problems,” Nyuon said.

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