Tonj disarmament on progress

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Tonj State authorities said civil population across the twenty Counties in the state were positively responding to the ongoing disarmament.

Speaking to Juba Monitor from Tonj yesterday, the State Information Minister, William Wol Mayom said security situation has improved since civil disarmament begun in the area.

He said organized forces were searching for illicit guns from the civilians to ensure that they were returned to the government.

“The soldiers are moving from county to county sensitizing local population which has made disarmament process very easy,” he said.

“We don’t disarm the mindsets of our people, then it will be difficult to collect arms from their hands,” Mayom added.

The minister said carrying guns by civilians in public places have also been banned, adding any possession of guns by civilians would encourage fear in the community.

Mayom said those civilians who often carry guns lack respect and value for human lives.

“I am very sure most civilians have handed over their guns to the government since the beginning of the disbarment and more than 1500 AKM had been handed to the army,” he said.

Last month Tonj State governor Mathew Mathiang Magordit instructed all county commissioners to inform their respective youth to peacefully handover their firearms to the organized forces.


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