Tong assures people to go back to their farms

governor of Northern Bahr El Gazal

By Hou Akot Hou

The governor of  Northern Bahr El Gazal assures all people to go back to their farms as the season of cultivation approaches.

On Wednesday, Governor Tong Akeen Ngor with a high-level delegation visited Yith-Pabol in Aweil East, bordering Northern of Sudan following an attack carried out allegedly by Misseriya armed men on the local population in the area in early January this year, leaving more than 20 people dead.

Tong Akeen Ngor said that the State government gave unwavering support and assurances to the people of Yith-Pabol for weathering and enduring the conditions of insecurity despite the destruction caused by the attackers which left them without homes as houses including church, school put to ashes and its head-teacher killed.

“We are duty-bound to do what is needful and right for you, I was taken aback on hearing the damage and lives lost as a result of our neighbors’ disinterest in peace,” said Akeen.

He added that he assured that the security is under control and that Division 3 are ready to patrol and make what is indispensable for people to believe in the army’s strength so that all people go back to their farms as the season of cultivation approaches.

“This highland is the lifeblood of agriculture and good for animals, as I can see that the houses are all burnt to ashes. It is a temptation and devilish act and I want to assure you to remain strong as the land belongs to us, everybody needs to be vigilant and provide information whenever information of enemy is heard of advancing” he cautions.

With ululation from women, and children giggling once again with clapping from the village’s audience whose spirit got rejuvenated. It is a nightmarish situation yet for many in the highland as dry season is a rough season for people living in areas bordering Sudan for fear of unstoppable attacks from Misseriya armed fighters, who are accused of shooting people in the bush and run, the situation that the Misseriya also go through from the Dinka men residing with them in the highland areas.

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