Tomorrow might be greater

By Ngor Khot Garang

In every one’s life, there are times when you celebrate and times when you mourn. And that is why we are always encouraged not to rejoice in each other’s suffering because natural happenings can’t be anticipated.

 There is something that future holds in store of which we are part of regardless of where we come from or where we are going. By this, I want you to understand something; your life never remains the same for the days that were given to you by God.

Though our world seems to be hemmed by the fog of uncertainty, disillusionment, hopelessness and corruption in a world where the poor are getting poorer and the rich richer. 

It is no hidden truth that your life will taste good one day. The English language does not have the word to convey to us how the world will rejoice in your success, the children you have been struggling to feed, clothe and raise will spread their wings and your whole would turn around for the better.

Why did I say this,  it is because when I see you waking up in the morning, when you are still running after the thing you want to accomplish,  it means that your reward is on the way,  do not be discouraged when life slap you in the face,  do not be discouraged when you try something and it produces nothing.

The sheer fact that you are here is because God knew you before you were born,  you are not a biological accident or a genetic miscalculation, you were divinely fashioned by God who just made you the way you are,  so don’t dare tell me that when life is hard on your side; when you are or your children not in school or when there is no food in your house,  thing will never change for the better,  you are one of those created by God and nothing is there to stop you from sucking from the breast of life.

 When your neighbor is having three meals a day, their children are in good schools, don’t feel like you are left behind. 

They might might have gone through some hardships as you are doing today but they tried their best and threw life in the wrestling. 

Who knows perhaps some of those who owns apartments and nice houses grew up in streets or maybe they were rejected and seen as of no value in the community but they minded less and worked more harder to change the way people look at them before. 

 It is true in our world, when you have nothing, you are always rejected, hated, insulted and accused of the wrong you have not even done and that is why we should work hard for the community to know that we too belong to humanity.

Therefore, if your worry is where to start in the middle of nowhere, that is simple.  Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world”

Though the saying was more political during his time,  it is still relevant in our modern time because most of us are born into different families,  some who count themselves lucky got themselves in affluence life while the other finds themselves in families where they wonder whether God really exist or was Bible just a work of men who wanted to let people love and value life.  These are questions that roils in our minds every day when life is very hard, more especially when we ask God for miracles and it even gets worse.

What I simply mean here is that God truly exists and He is not timid.  He wants us to light the light then He fan it for us as we mount the ladders of success.  Your future lies in your hands and I just believe that there is something in you that you have not yet discovered.  Be blessed always.

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