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Tomorrow the entire country will mark the eighth re-birth of a Nation, South Sudan. Memories of the past and the present will flood the minds of the liberators who are alive and seeing the direction of the country they fought for so hard. Indeed it was not their dream and wish that political differences had brought division among the citizens within a short period of time after the attainment of independence. They dreamed of a land of honey with each one going about their businesses in a peaceful and conducive environment. But lesson has been learnt and with tomorrow’s celebrations, something new is in the offing called peace and togetherness. Knowing how the leadership under President Salva Kiir has been struggling to restore peace in the country and bringing everyone on board, there cannot be any other reason why peace cannot be nurtured and held for keep. Every citizen needs peace and this is the only way towards developing this country. It is important that everyone should join the celebration with one word in mind “PEACE” knowing that a lot of time had been wasted in civil conflicts which have only destroyed the little that was already taking shape in terms of development. It should also be put in mind that investors would only have faith and trust in the country if peace is available. It cannot be taken for granted considering those who lost their lives during and after the liberation war. There are those who remained with permanent wounds received at that time. It is not for them and the current generation to continue suffering in a country they loved so much and which they trust should remain “one people one nation” This is possible with commitment and dedication. It is time to remember and put into action why the liberation war was fought leading to independence of South Sudan. This day should bring these memories back to minds for reasoning.

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