Tombura violence, main suspect arrested in Yambio

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Authorities in Western Equatoria State yesterday confirmed that the main suspect who was behind violence that left many people dead and thousands displaced was arrested in Yambio after trying to smuggle firearms to TomburaCounty.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, State Information Minister William Baiki said that the situation on the ground was now calm in both Tombura and Yambio.

“One of the main suspects who left Tombura airstrip to Juba whom the citizens of Western Equatoria have been complaining about that he is one of the suspects who committed the crime by killing people from door to door has been arrested. He left Juba carrying guns and ammunition which he wastaking to Tombura,” Minister Baiki said.

He added that the suspect flew to Juba to lobby for logistic and financial support but State government arrested him on arrival by road with the weapons

Over the weekend, renewed attacks in the area resulted in the death of one person and the injury of four others. Hundreds of civilians were reported to have left the villages and the County to seek safety which also resulted on many civilians being displaced by the ongoing violence.

Yesterday, the Archbishop of the Western Equatoria Internal Province of the Episcopal Church Samuel Enosa Peni appealed for humanitarian assistance for those affected by the violence.

On Monday, the bodyguard of the State Minister of Health in Western Equatoria State was shot dead allegedly by the group of the arrested suspect.The incident occurred on Monday night when armed men reportedly attacked the home of Minister James Ado.The armed men shot the bodyguard after they tried to break into the house through the window and ran away.The armed group stormed the house of Minster Ado while he was out of the State.

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