By Malek Arol Dhieu (Guest)

Odongo Odoyo

As President Salva Kiir Mayardit and First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny are expected to visit Tombura to address crises, eyes of Tombura people whose crises claimed the lives of their dear ones are set to receive these high profile leaders in the expectation that they are going with already devised solutions to bring crises to an end and to look for ways of how people perished could be compensated. Yesterday, an eminent activist in the name of Edmund Yakani urged the two leaders to address the Tombura crisis, but his urge becomes much more sound able when the citizens support him by adding their voices as people say one hand can’t clap itself. It is dismaying to remind people that the Tombura crisis has claimed hundreds of lives of people, imagine a county losing hundreds of lives, how shallow it is now with people? If love for humanity were intact the way it was intact during the liberation struggle, then this time should not have been the time President Kiir and FVP Riek Machar visit Tombura in an effort to address its fatal crisis, they should have visited Tombura the day following the day of the onset of fighting. Though commitments to other national issues could be made an excuse, then life-losing issues need urgency more than other issues because of the protection of the citizens atop the government priorities. The citizens should not be treated according to their political affiliations, in that, when a fight breaks out in an area where your political affiliates are few, you withhold actions that would halt that fight in its earlier age. And conversely, you rush as fast as your powers could take you to rescue your affiliates when a fight has broken out in their area. Citizens constitute what electoral commissions vividly call electorates who vote for candidates including presidential candidates. They should be cared for as losing them means losing your trust. The violence that took place in Tombura County needs a lasting peace so that the people displaced return home and initiators bring to justice to give the restoration of tranquility a chance.     

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