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Tombura crisis need peace conference to address roots cause

By Bakindo Stephen

The Archbishop of Western Equatoria Internal Province Bishop Samuel pain said Tombura crises need peace conference to address the root cause that claimed the lives of people.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Archbishop Pain said that the church had tried to find out the root cause of the conflict but all the effort was not archived because of deference information that they got on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Deputy governor of western Equatoria, Dr.  Kennedy Ganiko said what happened in Tombura should not happen in other counties in Western Equatoria.

“As the government, we are working hard to make sure that there is total peace in Tombura county  because the dialogue is the only way we can solve our problem,  guns will not solve our problem, we believe in dialogue to bring peace in western equatorial” Kennedy said

At the same time Western  Equatoria governor  Alfred futuyo  karaba  said all politicians of  Western Equatoria State should come together and take the good spirit.

“I urge all the politicians of the Western Equatoria State to come together and find out the cause of the fighting in Tombura”

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