Tombura commissioner survives deathly attack

By Nema Juma

The commissioner of Tombura State Derick Sasa survived death after unknown gunmen attacked his resident on Sunday morning.

Tombura State Information Minister Anikumbo Mathew said the house of the commissioner was attacked from all corners of the building.

“The attackers were shooting from everywhere including the windows and doors and after a while they burnt down the house,” he said.

“The bodyguard was also shot on the leg as he tried to shoot in self-defense but he is receiving treatment at the hospital,” Mathew said.

He said that the commissioner had been rescued and that he has been taken to safe place.

The official accused the SPLA-IO located at Namuchina area under the commander Col. Juma.

Mr. Mathew said that there were some politicians from former Western Equatoria who have been working against the unity of the Balanda and Azande communities.

“They have been touring to destabilize both communities and as well as the government of Tombura State but our work is to ensure that all the people are safe and protected,” he said.

He also appealed to the Cease fire monitoring body to ensure that there was peace and hold perpetuators accountable.

“I appeal to all South Sudanese that this peace agreement that is ongoing is the only way that we can achieve peace so let’s keep on supporting this agreement to ensure that there is peace in our country,” Mathew said.

While in a separate incident, South Sudan Police spokesperson Major General Daniel Justin has denied the report by the UNMISS that its national staff was robbed at gun point by unknown people in uniform.

He urged the citizens to report to police if they come across such problem.

“Many people run to the media, they think that we cannot help them.  Don’t go there (media), come to us, we shall help you,” Major Gen. Justin said.

He advised that some cases are not reported directly to the media, saying “Go to any nearest police station and report the case, this issue of attack is very serious.”


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