Toma quits teaching for comedy

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Comedian Toma has now quit teaching for comedy.

Toma, a well-known comedian said he quit teaching because of low pay. He said he now has hope in the comic industry.

According to Toma both comedy and teaching derive messages of empowerment and hope to the people.

“Teaching is a way of educating people but through comedy we drive the message clear in a comic way hence creating awareness to our people, I left teaching because the money I used to get from the profession would not sustain my basic needs,” said Toma.

Each time, comedian Toma performs at the Kilu-Kilu ana comedy extra he is assured of going back home with some money compared to teaching where he had to wait until the end of the month.

Toma said that comedy became favorite to teaching because of the incentives it offers, for example going for an event is worth a teacher’s monthly salary.

Through doing comic Toma explained that he is still able to teach the community about social, political, religious and other issues.

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