Toilet situation remains dire at Juba University

JUSU Guild president Kocdit Ngor Achiek and Minister of Roads, Transport and Bridges Rebecca Joshua Okuachi during the welcoming ceremony of first year students at Juba University (photo by Koch Nhial Nhial):

By Koch Nhial Nhial

Two months after the Juba Monitor ran a story on the toilet shortage at University of Juba. the situation still remains dire.

A survey at the Western Campus indicated there was no single toilet facility for the College of Law, Community Studies, Economics and School of Management Sciences for the students to answer the call of nature.

In the worst case scenario, students are forced to skip classes to avoid being in a compromising situation which will force them to ease themselves.

Now the Guild President of Juba University Students Union (JUSU) Kocdit Ngor Achiek wants the government to allocate funds for construction of toilets to cater for the increasing student population.

Speaking on Saturday during the welcoming ceremony of the newly admitted students at the University of Juba, Ngor added that the Government should pay special attention to the university sanitation  since it is the mother of all the public universities in the country.

“The university is currently accommodating more than 16, 000 students. The university, which hosts two main campuses, the Western Campus located at Custom and Main Campus located at Atlabara, has a huge challenge for lack of latrines. Students cannot answer the call of nature when they are in the institution. In the Western Campus one is forced to hold until you go home or leave when the lecture is ongoing. It’s uncomfortable especially if you have to attend a three hour lecture when pressed,” he added.

Ngor pointed out that the institution is facing many challenges that included lack of water, lack of food for students and power shortage.

“The union administration is calling for assistance from well-wishers to rescue the situation,” he added.

The information secretary of JUSU Kacuol Achiek said the large number of students required latrines to be provided to allow the students be comfortable during their time of studies in the university.

“The more students are admitted the more services are to be increased. The government should address these challenges,” he added.

Mr. Achiek pointed out that the government is the leading agent responsible in providing the missing services to the people or maintaining the existing assets through supervision and renovation of the old facilities.

Athoi David Malual, a first year student from College of Medicine appreciated the government for admitting them (first year students) into public the university and JUSU for organizing their welcoming ceremony.

Ms. Malual said the university is overcrowded which make other students not to attend lectures because of insufficient halls.

“The lack of books especially to science students, lack of laboratories and lack of micro-phones in the halls is a major challenge especially to students pursuing pure sciences course,” she added.

Ms. Malual pointed out that their hostels were inadequate which affects the students who come from outside Juba.

“I will be glad if the challenges are going to be addressed,” said Malual who was speaking on behalf of all the first year students.

The Guild President Ngor introduced the executive body of JUSU to first year students and promised to maintain the relationship between government, students and university the administration.


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