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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

The world wildlife day is being celebrated the world-over today under the United Nations (UN) umbrella with clear message from the Secretary General, Antonio Guterres on the protection of theanimal globally. This message should be taken seriously because there are well connected dealers who are trading in different wild animals. Poachers are used by dealers from different parts of the world to kill even some of the most endangered species. Africa has been made the main centre of these abnormal and illegal trades with this region being the hot spot for the dealers. Cases of illegal trafficking of animal parts have been in the media headlines and all the killings and the killed are mostly transported or destined for Far East and the West. Meaning the products and items are sold to benefit the cliques of the illegal trade with the sources left bleeding with little pay and damage already caused to the point of poaching and killings. On this day being celebrated for the protection of wildlife, l would wish to urge the UN and those managing different dockets that the matter be addressed with those found trading illegally by killing the wildlife for commercial basis without authority be given stiffer penalties when found on the act. This should apply to all UN member states and those from outside because their intentions are the same. They are out to destroy the wildlife and flora and fauna. I believe the continent leaders have been in the forefront of the fight against illegal trade, but they need to do more if they are to save Africa from total death and destruction of the animals. We have children whose future must be given priorities among us if they have to inherit the remaining natural resources which include the wildlife. We are reading in different reports that the number of the big five are reducing due to the illegal killings. What is happening with those charged with wildlife protection? Why our animals being killed and parts are illegally transported outside to benefit people who do not have any right over them. I am told and have heard other organizations make noise in the name of animal protection. There are institutions and organization which stands for animal conservation worldwide. They always give the impression of fighting for the right of animals.  It has come out that some of these organizations are themselves  silently and playing poker behind the scene by being involved in the illegal trade and poaching across the world. Something needs to be done before this goes out of hand although what has been done is notrepairable.  Let us respect other people’s birth rights and inheritance. This time at the marking of the day on behalf of the wildlife, there should be a clear message of no more killing and illegal trade of animals globally. This could be one of the many ways of advocacy for the voiceless.

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