Today Juba Monitor is pleased to join the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. It is the existing relationship that has made some positive impact on the economic and manpower development that makes us believe that although, this newspaper is independent and privately owned, a number of staff have in one way or another benefitted from some short and long term programs in China and locally that have seen the newspaper move from strength to strength. Such must be appreciated and I hope these programs will continue to benefit a number of socio-economic sectors in the country. It is true that the people of China have contributed a lot in the process of having peace restored in the country. They have shown that they are friendly and stood with South Sudan as a country at the UN assembly. This cannot be over-emphasized because the writings are on the wall for everyone to see and read. For this there should be solid cooperation in boosting up businesses and trades between the two countries for the betterment of citizens of the two countries.  These should include reasonable tools of trade in the media industry which are currently struggling to survive. China has more than 1,000 daily newspapers a host of radios and TV stations apart from periodicals and other media outlets. These should come handy and be able to help in developing the industry in the country. These 70 years have not been wasted by the Chinese people and indeed those privileged to have visited parts of China can attest to what they witnessed including the pace of economic growth. It is appropriate to have true and good friends who can grow and develop. Enjoy the celebration it came along way to the present time.

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