TODAY Is 78 days since first case of coronavirus

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

 South Sudan becomes second infectious country in the region 

 South Sudan was the last East African Country to report Coronavirus (COVID-19) case but 78 days today, the Country has now become the second most hit in the region.

Almost two and half months, the country which had skeleton, manageable and single digit numbers, has now shot up to 1,882 cases as of yesterday sending panic in the medical circles as to what would have resulted in the high increase or spread of the virus.

The country is now  second after Kenya in terms of increased transmission followed by other countries like Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi, according to Dr. Wamala Joseph Francis, WHO Country’s Preparedness and International Health Regulation (IHR) officer during the daily briefing on the virus pandemic yesterday..

As of Sunday afternoon, the Country’s Public Health Laboratory confirmed 1,882 cases, with 34 deaths and 122 recoveries.

While the country had tried to enforce a lockdown and other preventative measures aimed at curbing the spread of the pandemic, it has not been effectively implemented

Weeks later, the government relaxed the measures and allowed non-essential business to resume operations but advised people to continue observing the preventive measure.

After the Lockdown was partially lifted, the country has be faced with a dramatic increase in the COVID-19 cases with the highest number of 188 registered in a single day.

Since then, South Sudan has never gone a day without recording a case

The increase in the cases has exposed the already weak health system in handling the pandemic which has continued to surge across the country  

The cases are nearing 2,000, Dr. Thuou Loi, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health said nothing has ever changed in the intervention since the outbreak of the pandemic.

 “Nothing has changed in terms of approach but of course there are always lessons learned on daily basis,” he said

“There is need for the Ministry of Health to avail other services which are missing within the Infectious Disease Unit (IDU) treatment site to be able to ensure that those patients are screened for the other disease they may have,” he added.

Dr. Loi revealed the learned lessons would keep improving the focus of the Ministry on coronavirus, citing that they would keep on improving as they respond to the outbreak.   

Dr. Wamala said the new trend was an eye opener for South Sudan and its partners to pull up their socks in the respond to the pandemic.  

“It means we need to add up our games in of optimizing our intervention to reduce transmission at the population levels,” he said.

The Health expert advised the people to be vigilant on the outbreak.

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