Editorial 23rd October 2018

Nothing one can say which will comfort the family of the nine year old girl who was allegedly defiled by a lawmaker, a minister in one of the states in the country. The crying almost went to the wind until two young lawyers, took the case voluntarily up to the time justice was administered. Yesterday Judge Mujahid Abdullahi Akol Deng of Gudele Court meted out a deterrent sentence to the former lawmaker which if not reduced with the intended appeal, will see him confined behind bars for ten years imprisonment. Because of money and power that goes with his office, the culprit would have gone scot free if it was not the effort of Molana (lawyers) Robert Badri and Malual Reech who put up a spirited fight on behalf of the child and her parents who were not financially capable and despite all sorts of threats from the former minister who is said to have used all tricks in the book to have the case blanket covered and put to slumber land forever not to wake up again. It was not because the two young lawyers who took the case which happened in January this year and who did for justice to be seen to have been done without the normal legal fee requirement, ensured that the hunter in this case the legislator, was to be turned to be the hunted and indeed they succeeded after all attempts and moves to have the case thrown through the window aborted at every stage of trial by the culprit. The two young friends of the bench deserve a pat on the back because they have brought positive light to the legal fraternity and the public at large. They have turned the hunter to be the hunted. There should be more of you out there helping the helpless. Badri and Reech, you have done your profession proud keep it up and let others follow. Money is not everything in life. God will help you.

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