A foot for thought

To whom it may concern

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The heading of today’s story is common to many people,it is being used for addressing official letter, recommendations of individuals’ for future opportunity.

However, I have used it fordifferent thing due to the stories being removed from Juba Monitor newspaper by the National Security deployed at the printing press. This scenario has been on for more than five years now andis still continuing.

Before the establishment of Media Authority, we thought security was interfering in the work because there was no responsible body to tackle the issues of media although there were Union of Journalists in South Sudan, (UJOSS) and Association for media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) who responded on the cases that occurred to media and journalistsincluding removal of the stories from the newspapers.

When Media Authority was established, Juba Monitor reported a number ofcases of removal of the stories several times but there has never been improvement.  Sometimes they gave verbal feedback to the management of Juba Monitor which is not enough.

 In 2019 up to December 2020, there was only one story removed from the newspaper and that was in December 2020. However, in January this year, a story was removed, and on 25 of February another story was also removed, and the spaces left blank.

On the story removed in February, Juba Monitor Management informed Media Authority anda copy of the removed story washanded over to them, then the person in charge said the story had no problem and was published on 26th of the same month.

The management of Juba Monitor made introduction of the story so that readers couldknow why the it was republished. Again national security and the representative of Media Authority forced Juba Monitor to accept the story to be removed and replace with another another one so that the space would not remain blank without my notice.

As a responsible person I am supposed to be put in decision making not to force the Management. That was intimidation which marginalized me in my position.

Where is the stand of Media Authority in this regards. I don’t want to be marginalized in my position and force my staff to make wrong and uncopmpromised decision on the paper.

Therefore, I am requesting the concerned authorities to stop security removing stories at the printing press. If there is anything concerning Juba Monitor, especially thing regarding with decision making do not force any staff. Media Authority should do their work and not complied with security at the printing press in removing stories.

May God bless us all.

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