Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Transparency start with you and me if there is a similar cause of thought and mind which must positively move together towards achieving success for all mankind. Success cannot be achieved in isolation or under the pretext of the impossible. This why for once l agree with Vice President Taban Deng Gai that fingers should not point at an individual for the failure and shortcomings in the country. Taban pointed out during the swearing in of the new Minister Nhial Deng Nhial on off-side talks that President Salva Kiir Mayardit should not be singly blamed for the shortfalls since almost everyone including the SPLM party had not lived to their expectation. People moving up and down blaming the president were well misplaced, because most of them were and still there and should share any blame or success without pointing a finger at an individual. It is clear that he stand to share any blame and success which is there. This is the tempo and motto which leaders with positive mission and vision should adopt. Time is now to correct the future and admit any possible mistake for the correction of future re-occurrence.  Indeed some of the many mistakes that have occurred or experienced in the country cannot be placed on an individual’s shoulder. It takes two to tango. For continuity and future well-being there comes a time when one has to admit his/her failure and be able to stand and start the journey again to success and prosperity. To “slip is not to fall “There are a number of individuals who are ready to accept their shortfalls with a view of moving the country forward to prosperity and success. These are people who need common-man’s full support for their journey to the positive height. It is important that all of us must face the reality that the journey has not been a smooth sailing. It has had its ups and downs but with dedication and commitments there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel which we have to walk to. True there is no need for blame game which cannot take us anywhere but which will only make us remain where we have been this long. Soberness should lead the way and before you blame someone or point a finger sit back or stand up and count what has been your own positive or negative contribution to the country and its welfare. Do a soul searching and come out with the truth that is inside you without looking over your shoulder. It is the honest thing to do when you want to prove someone wrong that he/she has not done this or that. Point a finger only when you think you are clean beyond any reasonable doubt. It pays to live clean with honest and simple mind but with meaningful cause. Point a finger or blames someone when you have counted your contributions to yourself and your well-being.

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