Editorial 17th May 2018

Peace talks have resumed in Addis Ababa. Hope for this country lies in the Ethiopian capital where all eyes are directed. This time around and with the blessing of the Government delegation by President Salva Kiir, the light is seen at the end of the tunnel. The region is watching, the development and true they have concern that peace be restored in the country for the good of the nation and the people who have suffered too far. Let reason(s) prevail and all parties come to their senses of positive thinking and participation. This country needs to move forward with its development agenda not with war and continued conflicts. People need to live like brothers and sister of one people one nation. It is only with this kind of approach to national issues that the enemy can be defeated. Many neighbours love their brothers and sisters in this country. Until recently, no one knew that Eretria could provide humanitarian assistance to South Sudan. But indeed they did and will remain in the archive of history among friendly countries that came in hand when such a need occurred. This is as sign of being mindful of another’s welfare and it is an indication that all neighbours in the region want only the good for this nation. We can help patriotic citizens regain the lost glory which they fought to have for decades. History will not forgive the present generation if they do not lay down firm foundation for the future. The support from friends is there, it is now the duty of the warring parties who are meeting in Addis Ababa to reciprocate this good gesture by giving the people in this country what they honestly deserve. PEACE. The delegation in the Ethiopian capital whether from government or opposition should stand tall and be honoured for not being selfish to the majority by ensuring peace is restored.

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