Tired of suffering

By: Akol Arop Akol

In the beginning we fought for South Sudan

And everything we wanted was finally done

But we later started sinning

And we turned away from God

We misunderstood ourselves and fought

But lost lives and properties cannot be bought

Fighters used weapons like Dibba

At the end peace runs to Addis Ababa

IDS went to refugee camps in Nuba

But innocent civilians remained in Juba

All days along, men are fighting

All nights along, women are dying

And the children are crying

Around every direction, there is destruction

Conflicts resulted into crisis

And the increase of prices

We wake up with changes expectation

But it is all empty imagination

Life is really not good because there is no food

We are tired of suffering

Orphans and widows are living in poverty

They are dying of hunger in the city

We always cry to the government but fail to make quick commitments

As the life goes without improvements

Some people will break the Ten Commandments

But who will face the judgments

We are tired of suffering

Young children are given names such as Taban, Talga and condition

What a terrible life, full of troubles and sorrows

There is no difference from Today and Tomorrow

We were born in suffering, grownup in suffering and everyday suffering

Shall we die in suffering? What make us suffering like prisoners?

We are not foreigners but the owners of this land

Why we are useless, voiceless and powerless in our motherland?

We are tired of suffering

Nationalism will bring changes but tribalism bring shames

There is no reason for discrimination this season is for unification

South Sudan is our mother so let’s love each other

In order to bring unity and liberty

We are tired of suffering

Now is the time to make reconciliation

Now is the time to make transformation

By building the nation and promoting education

South Sudan is not mine, not yours, not theirs but ours all

Seven colors made up the rainbow

Different tribes but one people in one nation

Come here Lado, Come here Gatkuoth, Come here Deng

Come here Keji, Come here Nyamach, Come here Achol

We are brothers and sisters of one mother (South Sudan)

Together we can change our nation

For us and the coming generations

Let’s stop hatred, let’s stop fighting and let’s stop corruption

Because we are tired of suffering

Let us live in peace

Peace will able us to go to school

Peace will enable us to work and get money

Peace will bond us to live in harmony

We need to be free in our motherland

We need freedom to talk

We need freedom to walk

We need freedom to work

We need freedom to live

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