By wecnyin Turic

Too much of some thing is poisonous as the saying goes,however, political discourses may not be practical to politicians. Forthe last few years since the country plunged into war, many places and peace guarantors have been forged for South Sudan peace negotiations in the name of formulating ways to which parties’ principals could get their national cake share. The recent change of avenue for peace talks from Rome to Nairobi could be attributed to many reasons as to why it wasdone. Although Naivasha has been a hatching ground for peace as it had been  previously used for CPA Negotiations and sequels were visible, but that is not important at the moment .The proximity of the Peace Talks between the SSOMA and Government and terms that have been agreed has given hope to the citizens,nevertheless, how long are we going to listen to these long political fairy tales when we should be focusing on national agenda that will see the country in the right direction and ensure every naïve has equal rights and space to participate in nation building. I believe that this time around, the Principals to the peace talks would agree and put an end to it without salvos and fibs that has been a cocktail in the peace document since it began.They citizens are the demigods and should equally play henchman roles so that their voices are factored in for an overall outcome. It is high time that the Government should seek out all other disgruntled groups from different hideouts in the country and engage them to leave no room for future talks in order to evade vilipend or disgrace to the already relative peace stability in the country. This is possible and achievable. The Declaration of recommitment to CoHA, Rome Declarations Resolution practically demonstrates to our conscience that there is a light at the end of the tunnel towards attaining a sustainable peace for South Sudan and the Region at large. Our people have had enough of it already and there is no need to host them hostages for political motives. The stability of the country lies in the hands of the citizens not politicians, thatimplies, indigenous will must be respected so that they can live life free from insecurity and economic crises.

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