Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Something assured me that the country is making a stride in the right direction as indicators for both regional and international recognition are well on course. Just this week, it was decided at the Great Lakes Region meeting in Nairobi and endorsed that the next meeting of the member states will be held in the country. This is not the first regional meeting that exposes and brings South Sudan to the international forum for purposes of socio-economic development. There have been other major meetings hosted publicly and silently but whose aims are almost similar in the development arena. This is why the peace process should be brought home to rest so that the country could concentrate and move forward to a better future for all. The only thing that should take the centre stage right now is to ask the Juba City Council fathers to put efforts to work on the capital city and make it be rated with others in the world. Development should be seen to have been started from our own room. This is not a one-man show, it calls for participation by all citizens of goodwill to move and support the political leaders in managing the affairs of the country. The recognition and taking the country on the world map is an exposure of global connection which should be enjoyed in all aspects of life. I am sure that the future generation would be proud to see the foundation we are laying today would remain intact for their well-being. Remember Pope Francis is set to visit the country in the next few months. This is a historic visit that will turn the world’s attention to this country. There should be a start of preparation and facelift of the capital city which will be thronged by hundreds of visitors and Christians for this holy visit which would be a great blessing to the country and the citizens like one opinion writer noted, there remains only one push for the country to reach there. Truly, there have been so many hurdles on the road to the peace process. There comes a time when the citizens are bound to enjoy the sweat of the struggle by the current and their forefathers who made the sacrifices to see them this far. In life, there are those who make major contributions but do not live to enjoy. They leave the latter to the future generation. This is why those present should always make sure that they leave the country better than they found it and this can only come if peace is nurtured and preached in all parts of the country. This is the more reason(s) to ensure the country was properly put on the world map effectively so that all would live to enjoy. Remember we only live one life, the next stage of life is only known by the Almighty, not human beings.

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