Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo    

It is said that money cannot buy love, it is an expression of love just like politics is not for the common-man. My point is that do only what you know better. Politicians are peeping from a distance right now not knowing what the future holds for them. The appointing authorities are equally keeping their distance from any possible designed move. One thing is however, clear and we must agree with President Salva Kiir Mayardit that for the sake of the country and the people he had to do what was necessary and which can bring peace in the country, not war. He has time and again during his endevours to seek peace for this nation vowed never to have this country go to war again by itself or by any other designed move. It is becoming obvious that he has lived to this promise and say if the states was the issue then let us go back to the ten states. Some pundits might be reading from a different scripts but the nagging question is, what could you have done if it were you? Theories alone without practical acts cannot hold the water. The President is well aware of the time frame of the lifespan of the transitional government. He is well aware that during this period there will be election and possible national referendum in which the citizens will determine the number of States they would wish to have. Three years is just one step to go therefore he has decided to give peace a chance. Can we all join the process and have this cherished and noble cause implemented without much ado? The like minds who are for peace will agree but those opposed will not. However, there must be a first time in one’s life and this country which has never known or enjoyed any meaningful or tangible peace, this first time must come now. The best which can be done collectively now is to stop rumours and words that are so lethal that could inflict the past wounds again. There have been enough rope-pulling at the expense of the common-man. There must be a stop to matters that continue to create doubts in the minds of the public. Let the President form the unity government with a team which will put priority to service delivery in peaceful atmosphere. Whatever approach taken, the larger majorities need peace and want their life back to be able to start from scratch or where they had left. Let nothing stand in the way of this because it has been an agonizing period of time since the conflict broke out in 2013.  Peace is what can return confidence to both local and foreign investors who are just waiting for the door to be opened. It will help in jump-starting the current stagnant economic growth and open doors for employment to the youth who are already crowding the un-employment market or sector. Collectively let other matters be resolved amicably and around the table.

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