Time is over, but what can mogae account for achieving

Time is over, but what can mogae account for achieving

Festus Mogae is sounding a warning that time for the implementation of peace agreement is over. Only eighteen months remaining to the end of the deadline. We appreciate JMEC chairperson’s sentiments and concern over the dingy-dally in delaying the process from whichever quarters. Talking the truth or the naked truth, JMEC and other key players like the IGAD, AU and international organs involved in the implementation have not small but lion share of the blame. Too much talks and globe-trotting have been and continued to be at the center stage of this exercise since it became into being to help oversee the implementation. Seminars and conferences and we have said this before; have been taking place in luxurious hotels and five stars institutions both here and abroad without tangible solution to the pending situation. What these countries is left with or has been subjected to, are communique after communique from these meetings and holdings. One is bound to ask if the Mogae committee and its likes are genuinely handling and taking into consideration the need and plight of this country at a time when the world is faced with a lot of economic problems.

In the streets and some profiled areas, the once respected leader of Botswana, has failed in handling this mantle given to him for the process of peace implementation of this country. He brought hope when he came in and that hope will go with him if nothing is done to save the face of JMEC and its mandates. This is the truth Mogae should get before the expiry of the remaining eighteen months, expenses notwithstanding.

Editorial 25th May 2017

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