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Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

An international oil and power meeting is taking place in Juba. This is the third edition and will be attended by various stakeholders in the oil industry in and from outside the country. The most important thing is that it comes at a time when peace restoration is on-going. The meeting in itself means peace for the country and the region. This is one of the indicators that the business world is gaining confidence and would hold so many other global and regional meetings in the country just to prove to the world that at least peace had reached and was being embraced by all. I have been receiving invitations from so many institutions and organizations who in their own ways organized or planned meetings or workshops to sensitize the general public on the peace process bringing together both men and women in leadership and from grassroots. All these are important for the country which is now coming out of the internal conflict. The public need to be seriously sensitized to understand the importance and the meaning of living together as brothers and sisters. There should be no more hatred on ethnic line whatever the reason should be. Learning to live like one and pulling positively together in the right direction is the most important tool that can bring permanent unity among different communities. This type of togetherness has worked miracles in some hostile situation which is incomparable. There are so many indications of good things to come. I am privileged to have been invited in yet another exercise which is intended to impact the knowledge of federalism being championed by the national Ministry of Federal Affairs. It is an exercise that will take a period of time but which is worth taking. It is not about who is who and where, but about the country and its future that must be protected and maintained. The federalism has been talked about and it is the prerogative of the government towards the citizens. Needless to drum up so many issues but the focus must be in the well-being of majority members of the public which can only be found with unity of purpose and trust to one another. With such focus there should be walking towards the reality of purpose which can unite and bring all on board of success. Time is of essence to any situation at hand which should be keenly followed to the tip-top. There is no time of going back except moving forward to build the permanent foundation for the present and future generation. This is the best legacy to leave behind when that time comes. Do you want to leave behind a history that does not favour your kith and kin or what would you be proud of as a living person? Time has come for forgiveness and to collectively move forward for the good of the country. When and if this happens, then nothing will stand in front to stop the emerging tempo of developing the country.        

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