Gen. Jadalla should continue as Governor of Jubek State

Alex Lotiyo Elia Lado

Over the past years I have been worried about writing my opinion in as per as the subject matter above is concerned. It was not because of lack of evidences to substantiate my conclusion or that there was no enough time for writing this article.

The problem is our people’s mistaken attitude of misunderstanding political concepts. If one writes positive article strengthened with facts about a leader, one is labeled as paid pen or political sycophant or even tribalistic, especially when one incidentally hails from the same tribe of that leader. Likewise, if you find fault and attempt to correct a leader so that he lives up to the masses’ expectations, you are called by his followers as traitor or enemy.

These have been the reasons why some of us opted to hold on writing positive articles about leaders for fear of being branded as sycophant or traitor. But today I have broken this barrier of fear to write about my opinion because I saw in Gen. Jadalla a person of the highest aspiration and the embodiment of the kind of leader Jubek State needs desperately. Similarly, I intend to speak to H.E. the President on why I deem it imperative for Cde Augustino Jadalla to be allowed to stay as Governor in the next Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity. My arguments can be backed by the following:

One of the reasons is that since his appointment in 2015 as Governor of Jubek State, H.E Jadalla has done all what it takes to unite the citizens of Jubek and rebuild the seemingly torn-apart social fabric which once held them together in peace and harmony. The outcome of his determined effort was the peaceful co-existence of the different tribes, cultures and religions living under one melting pot of Juba City to the extent that it would not surprise anyone to discover that Juba is the calmest and the most peaceful city in the country today.

Another one more impressing effort made by Jadalla was to solidify and consolidate the unity of all indigenous communities in the state. His inclusive approach in distributing government portfolios to these communities reflects him as a die-hard unionist who wants to unite the people notwithstanding their social and political affiliations. To be sure, there are no rumors today or a single whisper by any community of political relegation or marginalization as it used to be in the previous administrations.

Another attribute that deserve to be mentioned is that when Governor Jadalla announced his 2016-2020 Strategic Master Plan which included building permanent counties’ headquarters in the 13 counties of Jubek State, some of us, including myself, never believed it. We thought it was just a mere rhetorical commitment tied to pledges he had made earlier during his campaign. Soon, after that he began to translate those “rhetorical commitments” into “policy accomplishments”. As I write this article, his policies in respect to building strong counties have already been achieved in eight counties out of the 13 in the state. Construction of permanent counties’ headquarters is going on, some of which have already been completed.

This is a clear demonstration of the fulfillment of the vision of the funding father of the SPLM of taking town to the people. This is why today Gen. Jadalla is now being widely considered as the most successful Governor who has ever kept his promises. Those who were doubting him were the first to celebrate his success and wished him to stay to fulfil his dreams of making Jubek State the envy of many.

As the people of Jubek State were busy celebrating the establishments of these counties’ headquarters to help inculcate order and increase government revenue through which these counties can be adequately developed, ironically, others were grumbling. It is very hurting knowing that some of our brothers with narrow competing interests and options in the State, particularly from the Bari Community, were foolishly digging dirt on the Governor to tarnish his image and thereafter strip him of what he is jealously doing to get the state back on track.

That is the height of arrogance and political immatureness on the part of our Bari Community politicians. In most of the civilized nations, the success of leader as diligent as Gen. Jadalla would stimulate healthy competition and a renaissance of learning. However, in Jubek Sate, it breed deep resentment and both subtle and overt attempts to annihilate the character or even kill that good leader in favor of a bad one. Truly speaking, this lame attitude is something that all of us the sons and daughters of this state should barbarically condemn if we claim to love our state and want only the best for it.

Apart from building counties, Governor Jadalla has made grand efforts to connect Jubek Government with the citizens by reopening the Equator Broadcasting Corporation also known by its acronym EBC (frequency 89.4FM and EBC TV). It must be recalled at this juncture that EBC was established in July 6, 2015 during Governor Gen. Clement Wani Konga of Central Equatoria State.  But for reason hard to explain it was stopped for some time. Now, with the help of the Governor Jadalla the radio is now back on air while further measures have been taken to reactivate and develop the TV section from analog to digital technologies. This is simply to ensure that all our citizens are well informed about government activities whilst sensitizing them on matters concerning public health, education, culture, religion, among others. 

It is important to note that Gen. Jadalla is also cognisant of the fact that education is a key for any development, thus he ensured that his 2016-2020 Master Plan involved building schools. Therefore, it is so satisfying that his government has approved establishment of five secondary schools to provide learning space for the children. In the same Master Plan, one secondary school will be constructed in Juba and the other four shall be constructed in Rejaf, Lirya, Ganji and Roken counties respectively.

There are also other several programs which the Governor has already made headways on it including agriculture, health, girl education and the youth economic empowerment–amongst others.

Putting the above presentation into consideration, I hope and trust that H.E. the President will extend the leadership of Cde. Gen. Augustino Jadalla as Governor of Jubek State in order to fulfil his dreams in an attempt to make Jubek State a better place to live for all South Sudanese irrespective of their tribes, creeds, cultures and political affiliations.

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