Time for economic independence in Africa

By Sasuk Taban

Africa has gone through many struggles; many countries, let’s say 90% of the countries were colonized. The time for liberation struggle in Africa, the fight for independence is over. After the liberation struggle, Africa is yet undergoing another liberation struggle and that is economic liberation struggle.

Many foreign countries have taken advantage of the vast natural resources in Africa, which has 60% of the resources in the world. They have exploited Africa’s resources for their own benefit leaving Africans to continue languishing in poverty.

It is high time that we Africans capitalize on education. Education is the key to success. The moment we are educated, we will make better choices and decisions that will lead to the prosperity of our people and our nations. We will not sign contracts that will benefit the investors and leave us almost empty handed.

We need to make wise decisions that will benefit the people and the country at large, more so let us not forget that the resources being mined are within our own backyard.

The moment we focus our efforts on education, we will be enlightened and be able to make a positive change in society but if we disregard education, we will continue to be on the losing end.

The time is now mother Africa for us to stand up and be counted. Let us break free from this issue of over dependency and work towards economic stability. We cannot continue to depend on other nations for support yet our lands are fertile and vast with natural resources.

If we desire to be economically independent then let us capitalize on education and not give up as we go through this economic liberation struggle.

Africa, the time is now and not later!!!

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