Time for cultivation is now to reduce the impending hunger

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Every year by this time, famers are busy cultivating crops in their farms. By this time some crops might have being ready for harvesting and consumption. People in the urban areas would be surprised to see fresh food produce in the markets like maize, beans and others.

 In the month of May, they would plant different types of crops which the farmers knows very well that if  cultivated, the produce would be high to help in reducing hunger that may occur in the villages and in the country at large. Traders who sells food items in the villages would reduce their supplies because farmers would enjoy eating fresh food produce from their own farms.

What the traders would sell much at this time could be none food items that are not available in the villages, like soaps and salts among others. The availability of food in the villages would among the indicators to encourage the urban folks to go back to the villages to get involved in farming or buying food items from farmers if they had some reserved for sales. Otherwise, in most cases village farmers uses local and hand tools for cultivation, mostly, for domestic consumption.

That kind of a system would not encourage the local farmers to produce foodstuff for outside supply and sales.  After few months, the local food produce would get finished and the difficult life would return if not hunger. The ministry of Agriculture should support farmers with modern machines, it would help them to produce huge and more quantity of food produce.

 Of course with Coronavirus the situation of this year is different. People could not move free within villages or go from town to village for cultivation, for the reason(s) that Coronavirus had affected people in other states.  Since then, the government has banned movement of citizens from town to the rural areas.

 But other villages which have not been affected with COVID-19 could cultivate and keep social distances.  Coronavirus does not know whether you are farmers or officials. Each should wash hands with soaps frequently to avoid being affected with COVID-19.   Ministry of Health with the committee of national taskforce should enlighten people in the villages about the Coronavirus.  Let farmers understand the importance of keeping social distance during cultivation and harvesting.

May God bless us all.

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