Three wounded during disarmament exercise in Tonj

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Fighting between cattle keepers and South Sudan People’s Defense Forces has left three people wounded in Tonj State, the authorities have confirmed.

The fighting that happened on Saturday came following the disarmament exercised that was facilitated by the SSPDF in the cattle camps.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in a telephone interview yesterday, Minister of Information, Culture and Youth Mr. William Wol Mayom said that a number of cattle have been wounded during the crossfire.

Minister Wol added that the attack came immediately in the cattle camps in search for guns in the cattle camps. It was not clear which group has started firing the bullets.

However Minister, William Wol Mayom said the clashes started when a group of South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF) were trying to move toward the cattle camps near the cattle camps.

“As I speak now security situation has returned significantly to calm, no person was reportedly killed and the cause of incident is not clear, we don’t know who attacked who but state government has formed a committee to go and investigate the incident and the root cause,” said Wol .

“It is the first time in the state since disarmament begun two months ago. The disarmament is clear to everybody since Governor Mathew Mathiang Magordit declared to all civil population in the state. We don’t want youths to carry guns where the civil population lives because the exercise will contribute to minimize revenge attacks that will cause fears among communities,” Wol added.

He added that collecting guns away from civilians will be the best thing for the state because many people lost lives recently during sectional clashes between two communities where many people lost their lives.

He revealed that the work of disarmament is good to help police to make this disarmament possible as peaceful campaign in some areas.

On 15 of July last month governor Mathiang called on all the 24 county commissioners and community elders to tell them how the army should deal with civilians during disarmament process.

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