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Three suspects detained with attempted murder of Archbishop

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

At least three suspects were allegedly detained in Bor town of Jonglei state over an attempted assassination of Archbishop Moses Anur Ayom during his visit in Bor.

Last month, a group of armed men believed to be supporters of the defrocked Archbishop Reuben Akurdid, attacked the residence of bishop Moses Anur Ayom and sprayed his room with bullets according to the State police.

Jonglei State Police commissioner, Joseph Mayen Akoon revealed that not only are they three suspects but also they could be more than that however, only three are detained in police custody for investigation.

Akoon added that he {Commissioner of Police} has formed a committee to investigate the three suspects while the investigation is ongoing with the expectation that they would be taken to court soon.

“The committee was formed and given their duties and now they are the one who knows when the suspects will be taken to court for the hearing,” he said.

However, he further added that the investigation started two days ago and waiting for the outcome.

“The investigation has started two days ago and the response will come from thereafter the investigation, if this {three} were really involved and if there are others outside there or not,” he added.

He, however,  explained that the committee was given a limited period to exercise their duties with the expected result of the investigation soon.

“The commissioner has given the committee a limited period to exercise their duties and the results are expected us soon as possible,” he explained.

Bishop Ayom succeeded Bishop Akurdid as Archbishop of Jonglei Internal province (JIP) of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) after the latter was fired by Archbishop and primate of the ECSS in 2020.

The two religious leaders have been in conflict since then as bishop Akurdid disputed his sacking and repeatedly warned Anur against stepping in Bor, resulting in tension and confrontation between their rivaling supporters.

Justin Badi Arama appointed Bishop Moses Anur to replace Reuben Akurdid who was expected to retire due to his age, but Akurdid filed a case in Juba high court challenging his dismissal.

The court dismissed the case and referred it to a church tribunal for settlement.

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