Three suspects arrested over Patuweng clashes in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

Police authorities of Rumbek Central County, Lakes State said three suspects that caused last month inter-communal clashes that left six (6) people dead and one wounded on both sides between Nyang and Amothnhom have been arrested in Rumbek.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the police Chief Inspector of Rumbek Central County, Brig. Gen. Majak Alapayo Ador said the three suspects are in police custody they have been identified as Theen Marir Leth,Theen Akot Dut, and Malek Agel Theem.

Alapayo said three suspects that have been arrested are from Amothnhom section. “Both sides have agreed to apprehend their perpetrators who caused violence between Nyang and Amothnhom sections of Kuei community in Patuweng cattle camps. Now we have received the three perpetrators and they are now arrested, they will be transferred to Rumbek Central main prison,” said Alapayo.

He also identified Matur Apach Thong as another separate primary suspect who killed late Makuer Maker .

He said, the relatives of those suspects had explained to the police that they are also working hard to apprehend other suspects.

“All necessary investigations have been made  by police, but relatives on both sides between Nyang and Amothnhom sections of the Kuei community have pledged to apprehend all the violence perpetrators,’’ said Alapayo.

He appealed to both community to apprehend other remaining suspects which police need for further investigation.

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