Three suspects arrested in connection to land dispute in Gumbo

By William Madouk Garang

At least three suspects in connection to the recent land dispute between the overseeing land committee and informal settlers in Gumbo Sherikat were been arrested by police yesterday.

On Wednesday, a deadly clash occurred between security forces alleged to be accompanying the government and local residents led to the killing of three people, two injured and one child was missing. 

According to the police, the shooting started when a land overseeing committee which was formed by the president to tackle land matters in Juba went to demolish illegal settlers. 

Disgruntled local residents who resisted the demolishing set bulldozer and some vehicles to ashes. 

Yesterday a high delegation led by Minister of Interior, Mahmoud Solomon, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Majak Akech Malok, assistant IG, commissioner among many other dignitaries went to meet with the community.  

In a phone interview with Juba Monitor, the South Sudan National Police Spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin said that the situation was calm and they managed to arrest three suspect shooters.

 ‘We got the situation very calm, we sat with displaced people and host community plus the government so the meeting was good and the Minister told them to be calm and let the law take its course,” Justin said.

“We have arrested three people and the investigation is going on and of course yesterday three people died and two were injured and one is missing up to this time, it’s a child,” he added.

He also added that some people who had fled their houses after the shooting due to fear were asked to return back to their residents as the situation turn to normal.

Justin also added that local chiefs were advised to allow the businesses to recommence and allow people to move freely without any hindrance.

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