Three suspects arrested for robbery

By Mabor RiakMagok

Three suspects have been arrested in connection to road ambush in Rumbek Lakes State, police authorities confirmed yesterday.

The suspects are accused of ambushing, committing road robbery and killing innocent people along the roads.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the police spokesperson Capt. Elijah MaborMakuac said the operation of apprehending the three suspects was carried out by security forces patrollingthe Highway State.

Capt. Maborsaid three criminalswho were detained were found possessing 9 AK-47 rifles.

“We have captured nine (9) AK-47 rifles. Four AK-47 rifles in MadolAkoch residential area, and five were captured from criminals between Rumbek East and Yirol West Counties by police,” said Capt.Mabor.

He said the high way patrolling by police security operation is carried outin order to apprehend road criminals if they are found robbing passengers.

He said the three suspects in Rumbek police custody are being investigated and they will be taken to court for trial.

He urged those who are causing havoc along the roads to cease from the vice.

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