Three perished in fire at a sex den in Gudele cottage

By Bida Elly David

Three people were confirmed dead by residents after a fire out break at a local prostitution cottage in Gudele (1) towards Hai Referendum area.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Kaunda Yaj, an inhabitant and an eye witness of the incident pointed out that the fire occurred around 3:00 am at dawn.

He stated that the cottage that caught fire was a prostitution centre where sexual dealings were practiced by both foreigners and local women with the aim of earning better life

“The lodge caught fire around 3:00 am when most of the neighbours were asleep. This lodge is a prostitution centre where sexual business is run by both foreign and local prostitutes’’ He said

Kaunda also jagged out that three people were found lifeless upon their arrival to witness the incident.

 “When we arrived to witness the scene, we found three people dead on the floor in which two were women and one was a man on top of one of the departed prostitutes. We assumed that the man on top died as he was on his night sexual duty. We also found two suitcases full of burnt South Sudanese pounds and United State Dollars,’’ stated him.

Kaunda reiterated that, not only did people die but also two big commodity shops, two local restaurants and a bar got burnt as well.

However, Rada Jabe a female retailor whose shop scalded reacted that it was hard for her to restore her business back since she used what she got to cater for her Children’s’ wellbeing.

‘’Restoring my business is going to be hard since I used to cater my children’s wellbeing through what I get from it’’ She reacted

She further lamented that the fire outbreak might have occurred due to smoking and drinking.

She further blamed the authorities concerned for having not demolishing the prostitution cottage that resulted to such scenarios.

‘’I am sure due to reckless smoking and drinking negligence by the prostitutes, fire outbreak caught the cottage. Our concerned authorities know very well that prostitution is illegal and yet they don’t want to expel these people rather concentrating on other areas’’ She said

However, Juba Monitor’s efforts to reach the police was not successful

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