Three people killed in Western Lakes state

At least three people, including a woman were killed in Western Lakes state yesterday, says the state Information Minister.

Shadrack Bol Machok, the state Information Minister said the people were killed by unknown gunmen in Cuei-adukan and Western Bhar Naam Counties respectively.

Machok said one of the suspects who killed a person in Western Bhar Naam County has been arrested, while the one who murdered a woman and wounded another in Cuei-Adukan is at large.

The deceased, Akot Marial Buot was killed by unknown armed men at Akuac residential area in the state capital Rumbek while he was grazing his cattle, Dak Marial Bout the brother of the deceased said.

The minister of information and communication reiterated that the state authority will send security personnel to follow the footprints of the culprits, in order to arrest them.

“I am sure they will be arrested and brought to book by our security apparatus soon,” said Machok. He said the general situation in Western Lakes State is calm and stable.




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