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Three new Coronavirus testing kits installs

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The South Sudan government has installed three more new Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machines to boost testing of the Coronavirus and to ease the Pressure on the Health officials, Dr. Makur Matur Koriom, the Undersecretary in the Ministry of health said.

South Sudan Coronavirus cases stand at 481 with 6 recovers and 6 deaths as for Wednesday but the number might increase as more testing is being done.

The previous two machines runs a normal test of 300 per day, But Dr. Makur said the addition of the new machines would boost the testing capacity of the Public Health Laboratory.

“Today we have installed more new three (PCR) machines that bring the total of five operating in the public laboratory at the moment, meaning in coming days we will be able to clear the deadlock of three thousand samples (3000) waiting testing,” Dr. Matur Revealed

According to Dr. Matur, the installment of the new three PCR machines at the public health laboratory would reduce the pressure on staff and would also reduce the waiting time for clients to get tested.

However, he urges public to volunteer and get tested in case someone show the symptoms of COVID-19.

In related development, Dr. Matur dismisses alleged Doctors strike saying the allegation is not true and the risk response team is working normal.

“The health workers that are said to be on strike is not true, they are not on strike, they are working normal, visiting the patients, collecting the samples, bring them to the public laboratory and doing everything that they are supposed to do as health personnel,” he said.

“The issues that arise are the issues that we discussed and were genuine, but they have never thought of going on strike, we know they are under pressure, they are on stress, that means there is need to improve their working conduction.”

He assures the public that all the health workers in the country and in particular the response team and conduct stressing teams and laboratory team are working normal and around the clock.     

He added that health workers at the public laboratory have not stopped working, and the laboratory was operating normal.

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