Three MPs arrested in Eastern Lakes State

The Speaker of Lakes State Legislative Assembly, Andrew Acit-Joksaid three Members of Parliamentwere arrested yesterday by security organ.

The arrested include;MarialAmuomMalek, the Chairperson of Specialized Committee for Information, Ater Jeremiah Telar, and BarnabaMadewNgong.

Acit-jok said the three MPs were arrested and detained without charges.

He said there were allegations that the State Minister of Information petitioned the governor accusing one of the MPs of trying to mobilize other MPs to discourage the return of raided cattle to their owners in Pankuac.

“If there are charges the court would have to write to the Assembly requesting the lifting of the immunity of these MPs, but they have not brought charges and I am still waiting,” said Acit-Jok.

He said he formeda committee to contact the governor to bring charges against the MPs arrested in Eastern Lakes State.

However, Victoria AkoiAchol, arepresentative of the National Congress Party (NCP) in the Eastern Lakes State Assembly, confirmed that the three MPs were allegedly tortured.

“I would like to be honest and sincere to you that the condition of the two MPs, BarnabaMadewNgong, who was severely beaten on the head and Ater Jeremiah Telar, arenot good,” she said.

“I am told now that the two MPs are unable to speak and their conditions are worsening in custody and required urgent medical attention.”Achol said, and that she did not know the cause of arrest of the MPs.

By Mabor Riak Magok


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