Three killed, two wounded in road ambush

By Mabor Riak Magok

Authorities of Lakes State said three people were killed and two wounded in a road ambush in Paloch payam, Yirol West County by suspected armed youth criminals on Sunday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Monday, the police Spokesperson in Rumbek, Capt. Elijah Mabor Makuac said the motive of the killing was a revenge attack.

“The victims of Sunday road ambush were six people, three men and three women traveling to Paloch and others were traveling to Rumbek East County and when they reached a place called WunKar cattle camp they fell into a road ambush. The criminals decided to drive all of them into bushes and they killed the three men and released three women,” Makuac explained.

He appealed to the communities in the state to refrain from the spirit of revenge.

“There is a special Court established to trial cases of criminal acts. This special court to trial criminal offenses have been approved by the government,” he said

Makuac said currently, there is already one special court established in Yirol West County to try those who commit criminal offences there.

He urged the members of the family who lost their loved ones to seek for justice in the established special court instead of taking law into their hands.

“There is no reason to kill one another in a road ambush while people are in peace. People must cease from causing inter-communal hostilities and revenge attacks,” said Mabor.

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