Three killed, five wounded in cattle raid

By Mabor Riak Magok

At least three people have been killed and five wounded over raided herds of cattle in Cueibet County of Lakes State on Tuesday.

The County authorities said the incident happened as youth from Waat attempted to grab the raided cattle confiscated by police in Abiriu Payam.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Executive Director of Cueibet County Zeckariah Mamer Thokgor confirmed that a police officer was among the three people killed.

“The cause of the incident is that the police forces clashed with Waat armed Youth in Abiriu Payam who attempted to take cattle which they raided and were confiscated from them by the police force,” said Mamer.

Mr. Mamer said the bull which caused clashes between the police forces and Waat armed Youth was also shot dead during confrontation in Abiriu Payam.

He said the Government of Lakes State has already sent reinforcement which comprised members of the police force and military to Abiriu Payam to calm the situation.

He appealed to armed Youth to desist from further confrontation with organized forces in the area.

He denies the claim that the bull which caused police forces dispute with Waat youth, belong to Frika union.

“I don’t have details that a bull which caused the misunderstanding belongs to Frika union. What I know is that the bull was raided from Abiriu Payam by armed Youth from Waat section,” he explained.

 “And when the bull owner and police went and confiscated the bull from them, they came and started to attack the police, killing a police officer and the bull and two other civilians including one of the attackers,” said Mr. Mamer.

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