Three injured in Bor plane crash

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least three passengers and a crew member have been injured after a commercial plane set for Bor made unexpected landing at Maatuok area of Malual-Agorbaar.  

Bor town Mayor Dr. Mach Martin Majier confirmed to Juba Monitor yesterday that the plane crashed landed at around 1:00 pm on Sunday in Bor while returning from Walgak of Bieh State.

He said the aircraft was routed from Juba International Airport to Walgak area of Bieh State.

Dr. Majier said that the pilot was forced to change direction to Bor Airfield as they could not make it back to Juba International Airport.   

However, the plane crashed at Maatok area of Kolnyang County of Jonglei State an estimate of exactly12 km South of Bor Airport.

“There were four people on board, two crew members and two passengers, all of whom survived and are being treated at UNMISS – Bor SRIMED Level 2 Hospital for various non-life-threatening injuries,” Dr. Majier explained .

“Their countries of origin are as follows – crew members: pilot from Burundi, and co-pilot from DRC; and two passengers, both Sudanese businessmen based in South Sudan,” he added.

The Let L410 commercial transport aircraft was hired by the two Sudanese traders to deliver merchandise from Juba to Walgak on Sunday.

But while returning from Walgak to Juba, the weather condition got worsened and resulted to the accident.

The SSPDF Divisions 8 and 10, the National Security, Police and CID, the state Minister of Health and Bor State Hospital personnel, Kolnyang County authorities, and the Mayor of Bor Municipality immediately rushed to the scene following a directive from the Governor of Jonglei state.

UNMISS Sri-Lankan medical team dispatched its team to support the rescue effort.

As of 9:00 pm on Sunday, the patients were all in stable condition under the care of the UNMISS medical personnel, and their families and transport company have been notified on the matter.

Dr. Majier said a team of investigators and company personnel will arrive in the course of the week to investigate the accident.

“Right now, the key thing is the patients are stable, we visited them this morning with the governor and they are still at the UNMISS hospital,” he said.

“We are waiting to confirm the team of investigators coming from Juba and is being followed up by the director of the airport,” the Mayor stated.

Dr. Majier continued that there were soldiers deployed at the crash site as the investigation was expected for easy insight into the cause of the crash.

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